Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Blog Post #6

The Networked Student- This video is a quick summary of how Connective Learning works, and how it can be implemented. I had never heard of Connective Learning before this video. My first impression is that it would be very effective. The reason for that, however, might have little to do with the method of teaching. This form requires a tremendous effort by the student. So the question is, given the same amount of effort in other teaching forms, could the student learn just as well. I think this would be an effective teaching style for  motivated students, but for those that are uninterested, it could be a liability. The teacher's job in this style is to provide direction. This limits the teacher's ability to focus instruction on students who are unmotivated, because the teacher is not the source of the information. This form would be great for teaching advanced courses because the student is not limited by their teacher's knowledge.

A Seventh Grader's Personal Learning Environment (PLE)- This video is a tour of a 7th grader's Personal Learning Environment. I like this style of instruction. She has been given the tools and resources to succeed in science along with the freedom and responsibility needed to achieve that success. I'm a proponent of giving students more responsibility. To me learning is more concrete when the student has real pride in their work. It's certainly hard to create this desire in all students, but, a P.L.E. is a good resource for  supporting this strategy. I also liked how all aspects of the students digital life are accessible on one page. I've strived to create this for myself and until now I thought the only way to attain this was to create my own webpage. This seems to be far simpler and more effective.

The Machine is Changing Us- I have to say that this was the most profound video I've seen yet. It's also the most difficult to respond to. In essence this video was about how the new media will use new forms of communication to shape our  society. The million dollar question The presenter provides great information on how our attitudes have changed through the years.
         -1960's I don't know. What do you think?
         -1990's Whatever. I don't care what you

The media we use has a great impact on our attitudes about life and community. Will the new media forms encourage each of us to take a greater interest in the future or will it encourage us to become more cynical. I think it depends on your beliefs and convictions. As with other tools, the media we use inflates our views. The concerned will have the information they seek. The hateful will have the anonymity they cherish. The involved will have the networking they require. The pessimistic will have the outlet they desire. I guess how media affects conversation will depend on who's talking...and who's listening.


  1. Hi, Mitch!

    First off, I would like to say that your blog looks great! :)

    I really liked all of your responses to these three videos, and I couldn't find anything that I disagreed with. I also believe that "The Networked Student" is a potentially great idea, but I do not think that all kids will put in the same amount of effort - meaning some children would get more out of this teaching style than others.

    I also found "The Machine is Changing Us" rather hard to respond to. I thought it was a great video, but there were so many different points made that I kind of lost track of my thoughts!

  2. Excellent post Mitch!

    The Networked Student is a great example of the benefits of connectivism. I see your point that this could be a problem for unmotivated students. I think you would find that a lot of students who are unmotivated in a traditional classroom setting may actually be motivated by this more interactive approach. Of course, every student is different and that is a factor no matter what the setting.

    Your blog looks fantastic. Don't forget your ALT and TITLE tags. Otherwise, keep up the good work. SS