Sunday, October 3, 2010

C4K Summary #1

Adriana's Blog- Adriana is an 8th grader in Missouri. She has a twin sister and 3 other sisters. She likes to play basketball but the most important things in her life are her family and grades. Her favorite subject is math and one area she needs to work on is organization.

The first post I commented on was her Learning Manifesto. In her learning manifesto, Adriana makes several promises to herself. These promises are intended to maker her a better student. I thought that her promises were all appropriate and would indeed make her a better student.

My second comment was on the post that Adriana titled "All About Me". Adriana has a very interesting background. She has a large family with two of her sisters being younger than her. I mentioned that I wished I had a bigger family. I also told her that, from her blog posts, it seemed like she was a great example to her sisters.

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