Sunday, September 12, 2010

C4T Summary #1

Keeping Kids First- This is a blog by Kelly Hines, a fourth grade teacher in Washington, NC.

Mrs. Hines first post that I reviewed examined the relationship between locals and tourists in relation to the web. She compares locals and tourists from her hometown on the beach, to locals and tourists on the web. I agreed with her analogy and offered a recent experience of my own to support her comparison.

In her next post, Mrs. Hines contemplates the importance that blogging plays in her career. She states the importance of putting her reflections into a tangible context, so that she can "better herself as a reflective teacher". She also sees the importance of sharing her experience with others so that they can learn from her experience or share their own. Again I agreed with Mrs. Hines. Though I have nowhere near the experience that she has, I've begun to utilize this blog for the same purpose. The blog provides a medium in which to organize your thoughts in a way that others may also understand them. This leads to a greater contemplation of your own thoughts.

I found Mrs. Hines blog to be very insightful. Her experiences as a teacher and blogger support everything that I am learning in EDM310.

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