Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Additional Assignment #1

Pitcairn Island Map
In this assignment we were required to experiment with two search engines that attempt to make a database or matrix using your search results.

I am new to both Google Squared and WolframAlpha, so I did a little investigating. Google Squared seems to be the preferred engine because it uses all of the information available on the internet to create the matrix. WolframAlpha, on the other hand, has an internal 10 terabyte database that it searches to find the data your looking for. Since 10 terabytes is only a fraction of the available data, we can assume that searches will be more accurate with Google Squared.

I can see both of these searches being useful in the classroom. Both engines present the data in an easy to read format, and both returned fairly similar results. I can see a class beginning their search with WolframAlpha due to the layout of its results, then, using Google Squared to search for more specific data.

Glancing back at my previous Did You Know Review, I have to say that my thoughts remain unchanged. I didn't have a particularly long review to begin with because I typically am fairly non reactive to statistics. Having had two business statistics and one market research class I realize how customizable statistics can be.

The Stable Boy and the IPad- The greatest part of this story is that it's true. As the proud owner of a new Macbook Pro, I have to say that it is just really easy to use. That's the genius behind any great tool, and a computer is after all just a tool. It's the reason why any kid who spends even a little time using one can master it.

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