Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Survey Results

The survey I created asked a variety of questions. I gathered info about topics ranging from area of study to favorite football team.

According to my survey, 84% of respondents were female and of those 81% live off campus. One hundred percent of the males lived off campus. Zero percent of respondents lived in a fraternity or sorority house.

The Junior class composed 47% of the sample followed by Sophmores (26.5%), Seniors (21%), and Freshmen (5.5%).

Sixty three percent of respondents were Elementary Education majors compared to 21% majoring in Secondary Education. One hundred percent of the Elementary Education majors were female whereas 40% of Secondary Education majors were male.

On the technology front, laptop computers were by far the most owned devices with 89.5% of those surveyed owning at least one. Thirty seven percent of respondents owned a desktop followed by the 11% who owned a Macbook.

The Macbook owners seemed to be the most tech. savvy with 100% of them owning at least one more gadget. Seventy one percent of desktop owners owned another device followed by 58% of laptop owners.

Macbook owners also gave themselves high marks on the rate your tech. literacy question. The average ratings for the three were as follows:
    Macbook- 4.5/5
    Laptop-  3.7/5
    Desktop- 3.0/5
   *5 being most profecient and 1 being least profecient

On the topic of football, 68% of the respondents reported pulling for Alabama, followed closely by South Alabama (63%). Of the Alabama fans that responded, 70% reported being a fan of at least one more team. One hundred percent of them also pulled for South Alabama. Ninety two percent of South Alabama fans pulled for another team, the most popular being Alabama (75%). Twenty one percent of the respondents were Auburn fans with 50% of those rooting for an additional team. Zero percent of them, however, also cheered for South Alabama.

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