Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Blog Post #12

This is a video on cyber-bullying. Ryan Halligan was a 7th grader who committed suicide in 2003 as a result of cyber-bullying. As classrooms become more "connected" it is a problem you need to be informed about. What steps can you take to prevent this behavior from affecting your students? How might you handle a case of cyber-bullying in your classroom?


  1. This is a sad situation. I think we have become so wrapped up in the fact that technology is a great way to better our classroom, that we overlook the safety of our students. We are beginning to cyber-bullying in the news more and more. One way that I can think to end a case of cyber-bullying in the classroom is to stop using the computer. I would make the kids take breaks from the computer so they are not constantly reading the bullying. Also limiting the time the students are on the computer I think would help. I would also read what is going on with my students. I hope that I never have to deal with something like this. This is a video I think everyone should watch.

  2. This is an extremely sad story. cyber-bullying like real life bullying is a huge problem. Teachers should be aware and prepare their students with strategies using role playing scenarios.

    I agree this is a really important issue. I think this should be a part of an internet safety week of blogging in EDM 310. SS