Wednesday, October 6, 2010

C4T#2 Summary

eLearning Blog Don't Waste Your Time- This is a blog by David Hopkins. Mr. Hopkins is a learning technologist at Bournemouth University. His blog is a great resource for those interested in using technology in the learning process.

Presentation Twitter in the Classroom, What Next?- Mr. Hopkins provides a great slideshow as well as several links that explain twitter and its uses in education. I found each of these to be very useful. In my comment I told Mr. Hopkins that originally I was skeptical of Twitter. His links that he posted, however, provided some great ideas for using the technology. It can be used as a tool for continuing class discussion outside of school and as a tool to remind students about upcoming due dates.

Back to the Drawing Board: The 5Js- Mr. Hopkins discusses a recent article written for eLearn Magazine by Mary Burns. The topic of the article is How to Help Teachers Use Technology in the Classroom. Ms. Burns identifies several problems in the methods we currently use to train teachers to use technology. She introduces the 5Js:
                    Job Related- training focused on uses in the classroom
                    Just Enough- emphasize comfort not proficiency
                    Just In Time- teachers are provided with skills as they need them
                    Just In Case- teachers need a plan B
                    Just Try It- instructors supply pressure and support to motivate teachers
I remarked that all of these together would make a very successful training program. My favorite idea was to allow teachers the time to attempt to fix their problems before relying on tech support.

Mr. Hopkins blog is a very useful resource for teachers that are interested in implementing different technologies in their classrooms. Each of his posts provide an in depth discussion of different methods that may become mainstream techniques in the next few years.

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