Sunday, December 5, 2010


I chose Symbaloo for my PLN. In my first report I mentioned that I had done very little work on my PLN. I think there is a significant difference between then and now.

My PLN has links to several blog sites that I can reference for information on Tech projects, SMARTboards, and day to day observations. Also, on my PLN I have Gmail, Youtube, and Facebook. I have CNN for world news and for local news.

A few personal favorites are my Saints, South Alabama, and Auburn football sites. I have a link to my blog and to Twitter.

I think the best part of my PLN is the different blogs. Each one of them has information about different topics that I either have encountered or will encounter. Last but not least, I have a link to EDM310 so that I can keep tabs on the latest news in Technology-Education.

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